Save Money, Dammit! was created by two young, married adults with a passion for all things personal finance.

After crushing $17,500 in debt, we set out on a mission to make the best of each and every penny that came into our household. Through frugal living and thoughtful investing, we’ve managed to increase our net worth over $40,000 in just two years. We’re debt free, we love budgets, we save with intensity and invest with confidence.

As for this blog, it began out of frustration (can’t you tell?). We’ve found that many young adults lack the knowledge necessary to make the most of their financial life. Worse, they’re being given advice by a financial industry that might not have their best interest at heart. If there’s one piece of advice that our generation desperately needs these days, it’s this: save your money, dammit!

By pursuing a debt-free lifestyle, making thoughtful choices with our money and avoiding the traps that the “normal” life brings such as fancy cars, big houses and wasteful spending, we’ve found that managing our money is no longer scary, overwhelming or confusing. In fact, it can be quite enjoyable.

Whether you’re starting at zero or are well on your way to total financial independence, we’d love for you to share in our journey every step of the way.

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