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Crushing Your Pricey Phone Plan

July 15, 2015

In the pursuit towards financial mastery, it’s helpful to take a closer look at those monthly expenses that can be easily overlooked over time. Most notably, we’ll happily drop thousands of dollars per year on expensive phone plans with fairly restrictive features. This expense gets even bigger when we factor in the purchase of a brand new flashy phone every year.

There is some good news, however. Companies have caught on to the fact that there’s a need for less expensive options for those who just want a great phone at an affordable price. Enter Republic Wireless. Through their service, you could shave hundreds of dollars off your phone bill while having the flexibility to choose the features you want from month to month. It’s fantastic phone service without the ridiculous prices.

The Plans

Many cell phone carriers require a two-year contract with the purchase of a new phone, but Republic Wireless does away with this model and instead offers flexible (and absurdly cheap) no-contract plans that start at just $10. Yes, $10.

This $10 plan keeps things simple. You’re provided with unlimited talk and text along with free WiFi data. If you’d like to use 4G data, you simply buy what you need on the fly. A typical 1GB monthly data usage will cost you a total of $25 per month.

Here’s the kicker. Let’s say you pay for 1GB of data but only use 0.7GB. Any other phone plan out there would basically say tough luck (or at best, they’ll roll over the data to the next month). However, Republic Wireless will now refund you for the data that you didn’t use. Instead of $25, your bill for that month will only be $20.50. This works well for giving you maximum flexibility in your phone plan. I, personally, use WiFi for the majority of my phone usage, so I’d likely be falling into the $15-$20 range for my monthly payment.

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The Phones

These fancy plans aren’t all that great if the phones themselves are lame. Republic Wireless does a pretty great job of offering some excellent choices.

They currently offer 3 different Android phone models – the Moto G, Moto E and Moto X (at $99, $129 and $299, respectively). Gizmodo has called the Moto X the Android phone for everyone. No, they’re not the latest iPhones, but you’ll be getting very high quality phones with an unbeatable plan to go along with them.

Is Republic Wireless right for you? If you like saving money and enjoy awesome Android phones and an excellent customer experience, then yes, it’s a great way to save some serious dough.

This should explain why we’re such big fans of Republic Wireless. We love saving money here at SMD, and plugging those money leaks on expenses such as over-priced phone plans is a great way to do so.┬áIf you’d like to start using their service, click the affiliate link below.

Start crushing your phone plan with Republic Wireless

Just as a reminder, we’d never recommend a product or service we don’t believe in. Republic Wireless doesn’t pay us to write articles like this, but we do get a small commission when you sign up. This helps support this blog, and you get an amazing phone plan out of it! Thanks for your support.


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