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Starting at Zero

March 5, 2015

This is a blog for people starting at zero.

Whether it’s weight loss, your career, or your savings goals, you or someone you know is starting at zero. While we may explore career and health topics in the future, we’re primarily going to be talking about saving money and why sometimes, the best way to make more money is by not spending it in the first place!

When it comes to your savings, you might just be starting at zero. How about retirement? Your emergency fund? What about saving for that brand new car you’ve had your eye on?

That last one was a trick. Don’t buy a brand new car, dammit!

In 2013, I married my wife and immediately saddled her with $14,000 in student loan debt (all mine!). In our case, we were starting our marriage well below zero.

I was fortunate to have married a very wise woman. We began truly taking our money seriously and not spending every penny we made.

In seven months, we made the final payment on my student loans, making us debt free. This is when we started at zero, and we’re actually still there. While we’ve saved money here and there (and spent it in a few stupid ways), my wife and I have saved $0 for our first home. How am I going to change that? I’m putting $1 into in our home down payment fund. That’s how it starts.

Starting today, we’re leaving zero and beginning our journey towards financial independence. Along the way, we’ll talk about ways to save money, investing, mistakes we’ve made, and a few interesting stories about people we know (we’ll try not to name any names), because sometimes, the best way to learn is to watch other stupid people screw it up. Good laughs!

We’ll try not to offend you, but we can’t make any promises.



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