The Wise Investor
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The Wise Investor

February 18, 2016

The foolish investor works for every dollar. The wise investor lets every dollar work for them.

The foolish investor gambles. The wise investor doesn’t risk more than she’s willing to lose.

The foolish investor gains his investment knowledge through the news. The wise investor gains her investment knowledge through books.

The foolish investor sticks to minimal assets classes. The wise investor diversifies.

The foolish investor loses sleep over making money. The wise investor makes money in her sleep.

The foolish investor becomes fearful in market declines. The wise investor becomes greedy.

The foolish investor believes bull markets last forever. The wise investor knows that nothing lasts forever.

The foolish investor’s mood fluctuates with the stock price. The wise investor doesn’t let emotions get in the way.

The foolish investor questions when to start investing. The wise investor started investing yesterday.

The foolish investor blindly trusts investment advisors. The wise investor understands that investment advisors aren’t her friends.

The foolish investor follows fortune tellers. The wise investor follows fortune makers.

This post originally appeared on my personal blog, Make the Most Good

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  • moneygroweruk

    As a reformed foolish investor, I just love this article! My number one rule is to never invest in something that I would lose sleep over. Sure this makes it harder to find investments and means that I have a good portion of my my portfolio in cash, but it also means that I am able to live stress free and sleep well at night – especially in highly volatile markets like we are in at the moment! Here’s to more wise decisions and less foolish ones!

    • Save Money, Dammit!

      That’s definitely a great rule. While taking on risk is important for good investments, it doesn’t mean you should carry insane amount of risk that make you lose sleep. We feel that making investments with a clear head is crucial. Great input! Thanks for stopping by

  • Easy Does It FI

    Successful people share freely and hope for success for those around them
    Unsuccessful people keep secrets and guard their territory

  • Mrs. Simply Financially Free

    Simple. True. Love it!

    • Save Money, Dammit!

      Thanks 🙂

  • Kurt Fischer

    The foolish investor lets others control the performance of her assets. The wise investor controls, at least in part, her own assets’ performance.