Let’s get this out in the open

As personal finance bloggers, we feel that it’s important for us to be open and honest about money. We often talk about financial independence and the dangers of debt, so we’d like for you, our readers, to keep us honest and join us on our financial journey.

Below, you’ll find a breakdown of our current net worth. In case you aren’t familiar, your net worth is one of the best ways to get an accurate look at your financial situation.

Why it’s important to track your Net Worth

How do we track these numbers?

We track our net worth through a mix of our budget, You Need a Budget (YNAB) (affiliate link), and our favorite investment and net worth tracker, Personal Capital (affiliate link).

January was a great month. I managed to get a nice bonus at work (woot), and we made some nice contributions to our investments and cash buffer. The market hasn’t been performing well at all lately, so we’re seeing slight declines for the most part, but we managed to offset the declines with sizable contributions. Like always, we intend to persist our contributions through the market ups and downs.

Thankfully, after several months of waffling around in the lower $30k range, we managed to push through to a new high in our net worth. Here’s hoping for continual increases.


CASH SAVINGS – $9,809 (+$1,071)

Nice little boost here from a bonus at work and our usual saving habits.

INVESTMENTS – $18,659 (+$781)

We contributed around $1,200, but the market saw a pretty heavy decline. We’ll keep making contributions through the ups and downs, and might just see a pretty intense gain when the market starts to recover.

ESTIMATED CAR VALUE – $7,900 (-$200)

More steady decline here. Nothing surprising. We expect this to continue hitting our net worth over time. Perhaps we should remove this. Hmm.



The balance above is simply the current balance as of the end of the month. This number will typically fluctuate around $0-$500 throughout the month before it gets paid off in full.

Total Net Worth – $36,262 (+$1,821)

December 2015 – $34,441

November 2015 – $35,692

October 2015 – $35,393

September 2015$32,273

August 2015$28,023

July 2015$34,301

June 2015 $32,942

May 2015$30,374

April 2015 – $26,828